SIP's construction

     The majority of our projects are built with SIP's. This is an increasingly popular method for new builds of all types due to their thermal and acoustic insulation levels as well as being time efficient and versatile.

     Consisting of EPS foam insulation sandwiched between OSB facings they provide fantastic insulation performance whilst also being the main structure of the build. We use these panels for all external walls, floor and roof.

     All of these builds are totally bespoke following our clients individual needs and wishes. We can create the ideal garden room for your office, playroom, gym or entertaining space from design and application to fully decorated finished project.


All jobs quoted on spec   

Timber frame construction

     We also offer a set priced timber frame alternative to the bespoke service. these builds are constructed in the more traditional method of a timber frame with insulation added to the cavities.

     Whilst this method does not offer the same performance of SIP's, it does allow for a reduced build cost for a set design.

     The price includes a pair of uPVC french doors, a uPVC window and a fixed 500mm x 1000mm skylight as well as white electrical fittings and switches.

     The new build will be fully constructed and ready for any decoration and final floor covering desired.

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